Trying to be constantly evolving, our company produces napkins for home and business use, giving the Horeca professional the opportunity to choose between product categories such as simple, micro and luxury napkins in dimensions that adapt to the requirements of its partners, always providing the choice of the logo of the professional. In addition to the above, our company specializes in the production of airlaid products, wanting to maximize the value it offers to its partners.

You Will Find Us

Our Headquarters

Industrial Area Of Sindos Building Block 53 B, str. DA8
Tel. +30 2310-704763-4
FAX  +30 2310-758597

e-mail :

Branch Store

6th klm Ιraklion Maladon
Iraklion Crete
ΤΗΛ: +30 2810-319402 / 2810-252013

e-mail :

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