Toilet Paper

Our company has a full range of high quality toilet paper for home and professional use, thus enabling the professional to offer high quality services. In addition to the very soft and absorbent 2-leaf and 3-leaf health rolls, our company, upgrading its services and always satisfying the market requirements, produces a new very soft and absorbent health roll wrapped per piece, maximizing the value it gives to partners.

You Will Find Us

Our Headquarters

Industrial Area Of Sindos Building Block 53 B, str. DA8
Tel. +30 2310-704763-4
FAX  +30 2310-758597

e-mail :

Branch Store

6th klm Ιraklion Maladon
Iraklion Crete
ΤΗΛ: +30 2810-319402 / 2810-252013

e-mail :

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